64 days too long.

So he has left for Paris yesterday. There wasn’t any fanfare because I didn’t see him off. But still I worried, especially with the recent air disasters. So I spent most of yesterday night tracking his flight online, just to you know, make sure he has arrived safely.

That Sad Thing aside, things have been back to the way they were, except that I have to keep reminding myself not to let my heart run wild no matter what he does. My friends who do not know the existence of this space keep asking, and it’s just like peeling off a scab over and over again before it has healed.

I have started drinking again. I don’t mean this like I’ve-gone-to-rehab-many-times-but-yet-I-can’t-kick-the-habit drink. I mean that my self-imposed exile because of medical reasons have been lifted! My first sip drag last Saturday was pure bliss. I kind of inhaled a third of my beer in that first gulp, with a grin on my face and a twinkle in my eye. I think I truly found my BFF for life. What made me happier was that I didn’t lose my tolerance. Seven months might be nothing to you but it felt like an eternity to me and I was seriously worried that I might pass out after just two pints. My worries were unfounded.

Because I have zero understanding of the French language and because my arrival in Paris is at a very early hour, we have decided that he will pick and meet me at the bus stop instead of the airport. So earlier today, I was surprised to receive one mother long message from him to ensure that I will reach our designated pickup point safely and without confusion.




When I opened the chat I went whoaaaa. It’s like someone sent me a medical journal to read. He even sent me pictures of the bus ticket and bus stop in case I become illiterate overnight. It made me chuckle because of some of the specific instructions but NO SABRINA YEO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LET YOUR HEART SKIP A BEAT.

So you can see I still have a long way to go before I can be all cool around him. 64 days till I’m reunited with him! I go for my month-long holiday!



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