My secret manfriend, Bat Man.

Bring out the confetti, Champagne (even though I’m really more of a beer kinda girl) and clappers. As of today, I’ve officially “graduated” from the TB meds regime. It’s not really an all-clear but for now it’s good enough.

The lump in my lung has gotten a little smaller, with signs of a cavity (which means it’s breaking up), but because it’s an encased nodule, the meds might not be able to penetrate it completely, which explains the less than ideal shrinkage.

One alternative is to extend taking the meds for another three months, but the doctor is concerned that the leg numbness as a result of taking those meds might cause long-term damage, so he’s not exactly keen on this option.

The other is to go for surgery. He had a previous case similar to mine, but the dude coughed out blood after a few years and he had to cut it out. Doctor doesn’t see the need to do this because the surgery is expensive, I need to be cut open and I’m not in a critical case.

I have to go back for another x-ray in six months (which I’m a little wary about because in these eight months, I’ve been exposed to a high dose of radiation from two CT scans and three x-rays) and watch out for pain in my upper back where the lung is and prolonged cough, fever or flu. See what I mean about things not being ideal?

Even though the TB tests came back positive, they were unable to completely determine it as they unsuccessfully attempted to cultivate the TB bacteria in the labs. Doctor said it could also be a rare case of fungal infection from animals. Thanks.

He asked me if I have pets (no) or if I came into contact with any (X’s cat, my neighbour’s dog, the neighborhood cat….) or if I visited any exotic country recently (no). Then he asked, “do you have any contact with bats?” I LOLed. Now, I don’t mean to be rude but bats?! Sure, there are a few batting around the area I live but it’s not as if I’m dating Bat Man and am making out with him on a regular basis or something…….

So to be sure, he sent me for yet another round of blood tests to eliminate that possibility once and for all. I don’t understand why he didn’t call for this earlier. FOUR big vials of blood they drew today.

Anyhoos, I’m in the clear for now! I cannot wait for my first drink this Saturday! I walked out of the clinic with a big smile plastered on my face and an invisible skip to my steps. Invisible because I didn’t wanna come across as too The Sound of Music. Wonder if my tolerance for alcohol has gone down. I might pass out after two pints. Watch this space.

The hills are aliveeeee~~


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