Paris in four.

Now that June has rolled around, I will be in Paris in four months! YAHOOWAHEYZIPPERDEEDOODAHZIPPERDEEDAY!!!!

Apartment has been found, air tickets have been booked. What’s left now is to save save save and then HELLO, PARIS! And I’m excited at the thought of spending almost a month with X. This will also be the deciding factor if I will continue crushing on him or hate him to the very core of my being. I mean, we’ll be spending so much time together that I’ll see his true self (and him, mine). I’m hoping it’s the former because I’ll be stuck with him for 15 hours on the plane ride home.

True to my procrastinator-extraordinaire self, I have not started on any research because well, four months is still half a lifetime away right?

I’m stressing on other non-important factors; how many sets of clothes to bring, what clothes to bring…. I mean, I’m going to THE fashion capital of the world yo, can’t afford looking too shabby if you know what I mean. My priorities in life are obviously skewed.

I need to be up for work in less than five hours, yet I’m getting my panties into a bunch for something happening months away. See what I mean about my priorities?


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