Sour grapes gone bad since nine years ago.

There’s something that’s slightly bothering me. Well truth be told I can’t seem to fall asleep so this is another one of my ways to hopefully lull me to lala land.

I found out recently that my ex has broken up with his fiancée. Before anyone points accusing fingers at me for being a stalker, I reiterate that I’m not. I found out only because he added me back as a friend on Facebook. This friend request came as a surprise because I obviously didn’t realise he deleted me in the first place.

Naturally, the curious side of me emerged and I went to do some snooping. Come on it’s not as if I’m the Holy Priestess of Nonchalance right? So. Not only has the engagement gone kaput, but he is in a new relationship!

Holy shits. I mean (not that I want to be intentionally mean), what’s wrong with me? Judging by looks alone, I definitely win hands down (I’m being objective while coming across a tad shameless). Looks aside, I don’t think I’m too shabby myself…..

It has been… Let me see. Nine years since we broke up and I’ve been in… Let me see. ZERO relationships since then. For reasons unbeknownst to me, I’ve not been in another since. Sure, there were a couple of maybe-we’re-dating-maybe-we’re-nots, but nothing ever serious. He’s had least at least three more but who’s counting?

When we broke up I was devastated and swore I’d never find another like him. Well I’m obviously wrong. In case you didn’t get the last sentence, HELLO I’M WELL OVER THIS DUDE WHERE ARE ALL THE OTHER MEN?

Now I’m beginning to really suspect there’s something seriously wrong with me. So much for not being able to sleep. As if I’m going to ever fall asleep in the next two years  wondering what the fuck is not right with me. Sheesh.


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