Crazy clothes lady.

This is crazy. In a bid to clear my room, I’ve decided to pack it just a little each day. This way, I won’t be demoralised by what little progress I’m making and hey Rome wasn’t built in a day, they say.

Back to what’s crazy. I started by clearing the paper bags of new and unworn clothes behind my bed and I’ve already filled a bag’s worth. Not just any old bag, but a plastic woven bag the size of a large suitcase kind of bag! Holy moley. Since when did I amass this quantity?

This is depressing. Yes I cleared the paper bags but now, where am I going to place this bag of clothes?! And these are only the clothes in one teeny area. What about those I conveniently placed on my sister’s bed that is slowly resembling a small mountain?

I am so deflated right now. I cannot continue. I was mentally totalling up the net worth while I was putting things away in the bag. Let’s just say if I were to convert all that into cash I would be able to take a short sabbatical. For a few months at least. 50 bucks here…. 90 dollars there… If a robber were to come to my house right now, he should be able to discern what’s really valuable.

Since Rome wasn’t built in a day, I shouldn’t spoil the market. I will therefore call it a day. Seriously though,  how does a person finish wearing all these clothes?!


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