The blood suckers.

My mum had a bad fall on a bus last year. She tapped out as the bus was approaching the interchange and just as she was about to sit back down, the bus jerked and she went flying. Face first onto the ground. The bus driver did not stop nor lend a helping hand.

Mum suffered from a dislocated finger, a fracture to her hand, her dentures smashed to smithereens inside her mouth thus causing massive bleeding and cuts, a jaw double her usual size from the impact of the fall and she never quite recovered completely after that.

She had to pay for new dentures, suffer the pain and inconvenience of multiple visits to the hospital, a loss of income as she required a longer recovery time than what was allocated by the Ministry and her right arm never is the same again.

Today, she went to the lawyer’s office thinking that a settlement has been reached. Guess what. The bus company is shirking all responsibility and is not going to compensate a.single.fucking.cent. The lawyer said to rephrase a sentence in mum’s statement, we’re going to have to pay $1500. And, if we go to court and lose, wait for it….. We’re going to have to PAY the fucking bus company eight to 12 thousand fucking dollars!

Wow. Good job trying to squeeze us dry, you-who-make-millions-in-profit-every-single-fucking-year-mega-corporation. Yes. Mum has some responsibility to take for not waiting for the bus to come to a complete stop but this? Wow. And to the judge who presided over the initial hearing. How can you say “I didn’t see the bus jerking in the video”?!

The footage was taken from the bus which is mounted that’s why you couldn’t “see” it jerk You fucking Jerk. If the bus didn’t jerk, can you explain how mum flew two metres from where she was trying to sit back down? Do you think my mum was attempting to do a Cirque du Soleil?

Dad was with mum today and he watched the video. He said if we watched it we’d feel so sorry for mum and that it was very painful to watch.

I cannot help but feel indignant and helpless and angry for mum. Not only may she not get a single fucking cent for the trauma and agony she went through but it may well be possible that we would have to pay those fucking blood suckers. Tell me. What’s the world coming to? Fuckers fuckers fuckers. SBS, why don’t you change your name to Stupid Blood Suckers instead?

The only good thing I can think of as a result from this episode is that dad loves mum a lot. And it reminds me not to take mama for granted because who knows what might happen to any of us. Mum, I’m sorry for being a difficult child. You shouldn’t have to put up with any of my shit. Remember when I was young and I always said you’re the person I love most and that I cannot live without you and if you leave I want to leave with you? It still stands even though I’m shit sometimes.



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