I like the sound of Us.

Yoo hoooo anyone missed me?!!!

The past few weeks has been crazy busy; me catching up on work after my fairly long hiatus, work events, me helping X with his assignment and the editing and re-editing- PHEW!

There came a point where I saw him more often than my family, which is a no no. Having said that however, I think I’m going to kinda miss seeing him this much.

I’m thankful that things have been looking up since my last post. Well. Technically if I was at the bottom the only way would be up.
Actually, things have been very up. We’re still status quo but I’m kinda blissed out. We have been making many plans to do stuff together and my heart goes hopskipjump at his mention of We and Us. I know these are common English words but it just feels….. Right.

In case you were kidnapped by extraterrestrial beings before, you would already know that I’m a sucker for little gestures.

He still insists on walking me to my car every single time. And reminds me to text him when I get home. Nags me to sleep early every night so that my liver can regenerate itself. Is concerned about my general health. Calls to check on me when I don’t sound my usual self. Is happy when I’m happy. Gets mad when I’m mad about work/ colleagues/ family. Being silly with me. Trying to lift me out of my (occasional) dark moods. Not judging when I’m in one. Being appreciative. Always refusing to take my money when we go out. Compliments me. Never allowing me to carry plastic bags because he thinks it’s unbecoming of a girl to be holding them. Feeds me. Feeds me too well. Making sure I lock my car doors (though I never comply) and turn on my engine before he turns and walks away. Exchanging looks and smiles with me when we’re onto something.

I could go on forever. I’m starting to feel afraid that I cannot walk away when it’s time. I think my sister is afraid too. She asked me to extricate myself now. I’m not sure I want to. But am scared I can’t do so when it’s I have to. I like We. And Us too. Why can’t we start?

Here’s the closest look at us.


Hi, Us.

This outfit was totally unplanned. We didn’t even plan on meeting prior. It was an OMG moment when we laid eyes on each other. Kind of embarrassing to be walking around town looking like we’re one of those lovey-dovey folks. But it was fun and funny while it lasted. Never again though. Next time we must confirm that we’re not in similar outfits.

Just got my reminder text that it’s time to go to sleep. Gahhhhhhhhhh!

So I shall.



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