The riddle post.

What do you call a girl who is still receiving birthday presents well into December? Blessed.

What do you then call a girl who is getting so much love? Lucky bitch.

Yesterday, my younger sister R gave me my belated birthday present. Not sure if it was because I kept mock-asking her for one or she felt bad that I didn’t get any physical gifts this year. Sisters truly know best though. She gave me more reasons to go shopping.


She insists on calling me an oldie. Wait till she reaches this age herself pfffttttttt.

I went back to see the doctor again for the quazillionth time because my cough is not only persistent, it’s deteriorating as well. Make that two doctors. One of which charged me close to 300 bucks. Now I know why she’s so loaded. X asked me how it went and we went into remedies and stuff and my diet.

So he said I should eat more nutritious food and taught me to make a soup which was easy and loaded with good stuff. Two problems here; first, I don’t cook, so anything deemed “easy” is equivalent to solving an algebraic equation. In hieroglyphics. Second, I don’t own a blender which is needed to puree the veggies. Well at least that’s a legit reason…..

Next thing I know, he offers to make me this soup. That’s how I ended up at his place this afternoon (still without ripping each others’ clothes off. I’m starting to suspect his sexual orientation. Either that or I’m as attractive as a walrus to him) for lunch and an entire pot of soup to bring home and consume over the week.


It was tuna crepe today with soup which is not here because I hoovered it all up. He said no meat because I'm coughing. Don't understand that logic but I respect his decisions.


Ok it doesn't look appetising here but I assure you otherwise.

What do you call a girl who cannot help but fall further for a man like X? Fucking confused.

Tell me. What does he want? First he friend-zones me but is doing all these things that makes my heart swell. Or what should I do?

Then this evening when I was still basking in my one-sided sea of like (because love is too strong a word and lust is just inappropriate), I received a mystery parcel.


The only clue is in the handwriting.

Now, who can it be? There was no return address or any accompanying note. Only clue is this person knows my eternal love for Monsters Inc., and the handwriting (which I obviously don’t recognise because people hardly hand-write anything these days). I have a niggling suspicion on who it might be but things are kinda complicated between us. I’m talking about A, my very possessive ex-friend. But then again, if he knows my address, why did he get mad at me last year when I didn’t want to give it to him?

What do you call a girl put into a situation like this when she can’t even thank the gifter properly? Utterly mind-fucked.

Curiosity killed the cat. I’m the cat. And I’m dying to know. But that person must have his/ her reason for wanting to remain anonymous and I should respect that. Thank you Anonymous, I like your present very much.

So even though I’m sick, all these positive happenings make me feel so much better. I don’t mind if time gets stuck in this current realm. All my stars must be aligned or something. Or someone above is looking at me favourably. Thank you anyway, I’m grateful for all the good things that make me feel like I’m the luckiest girl (notice how I still keep referring to myself as a “girl”? Yup I’m in denial.) in the world.

What do you call the luckiest girl in the world? Sabrina.



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