Happy Birthday, Me.

Happy 29th Birthday to Me!!! In a few minutes it will be over and I can’t tell you how blessed I am.

This year, I didn’t have the heart nor energy to spend it in a dark and noisy club, drinking my poor liver into a stupor. Well to be honest, all my drinking friends are either away or not available hahaha. That was a pathetic attempt at lying but the truth is that I have too little friends.

Anyway, from the time I woke up till almost the end of today, I have received tons and constant outpouring of birthday greetings from every available platform. Truly warms the cockles of my heart.


Yes I woke up late. Because it's my birthday so I can.

I asked X out for lunch (who says a girl can’t take the initiative?) because I was feeling a tad lonery and he’s the only one I know who doesn’t have to work regular hours. We didn’t do anything eventful; just lunch, a movie and I dropped by his home to say hi to his parents and cat and then I came home.

Back home, my family bought me a cake. Which had zero element of surprise because mum texted me to ask what flavour of cake I wanted hahaha. But I’m very happy nonetheless. I feel very blessed that I’m getting so much love even though I’m so undeserving of it sometimes.


You'd think from my expressions and dancing that I've never cut a cake before lol.

I know that it’s unrealistic to want all my wishes to come true, but just keep me in good health and let me hit my sales targets and I’ll be more pleased than punch I promise.

I have a few more dinners to eat the following weeks by family and friends. Even though I might get fatter, I feel extremely fortunate that so many people care and love me.


My dad is a humourous man.

May this coming year be an awesome and fab one. This marks the end of my 29th birthday celebration and the start of being a mature 29 year old woman. Happy birthday, Me.




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