The last year of being in my 20s.

It’s almost 1am here in Singapore. That means it’s officially Monday. Which also means it’s one more day before I turn 29. The last year of being in my 20s. Next year, I’ll have to tick off the next age group when I fill in forms and questionnaires.

Honestly, I don’t feel that much different say, from being 25. Comparatively, I probably dress more conservatively now. Sometimes when I look at older photos, I actually baulk at the pillow-case sized articles which conveniently pass themselves off as clothes.

Also, I probably have more lines but I’m trying to take them all in my stride like a mature woman should.

Today (or technically yesterday) my elder sister brought me out to my favourite place to have afternoon tea for my BirthDate. It’s been a long time since we had a one-to-one bonding session. We used to dress up just to go out to drink and chat about life. All that effort even though we could do the exact same things in the comfort of our PJs.

I had the loveliest time really. And there I was moping and full of self-pity the other day because I felt like no one cared to want to spend time with me. Must be the middle child syndrome acting up again. Attention-seeking whore.


My BirthDate outfit.


My lovely and generous and kind sister.


My favourite place for afternoon tea.


Mine, all mineeeeee. Greedy guts.

After eating till I was close to exploding, we went shopping and ate (again hahaha). And then, as if to punish me for having too much fun and stuffing my face (if one can’t stuff their face during their birthday month, then when?!?!), I came home feeling under the weather.

My cough has deteriorated greatly, or should I say escalated? I’m wheezing, coughs are chesty and plegmhy and it feels like someone is sitting on my chest when I lie down. Did I also mention I’m starting to feel feverish?

Poor me. Self-pity mode is now on high. Will attempt to sleep it off (if I manage to get any sleep when I’m coughing at this rate) and wake up feeling fabulous later today. Then I’ll be able to celebrate my birthday in style tomorrow.

Ok who am I kidding. I took the day off to sleep in and to let the sun shine in places it shouldn’t. Also because no one has asked me out. Emo nemo moment. Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I’m gonna eat some worms.



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