My love-hate relationship with Bali.

In case you’ve been missing me and wondering where I’ve been, I’m back from Bali! A bronzed babe I am now.

I kid, I kid. When I went back to work today one of my colleagues asked “What? Is there no sun in Bali?!”. To be fair, I am a tad darker. I don’t tan easily. Or rather, I sprayed so much sun block on myself I resembled one of those scary, muscly ladies who oil themselves before a body-building competition. And I couldn’t possibly get too dark, could I? Imagine if my foundation no longer matches or blends properly into my skin. The horrors.

Did I enjoy myself? Actually I’m on the fence for this one. Yes a break is a break is a break, and almost everything is cheap there, but there were a few things that got my beef.

Rubble. Rubble here there everywhere. It’s like they decided ok let’s start paving a path today, and then the next day they just decided to shelve it and go oh let’s start building a house today, nevermind the unpaved road! Like seriously. Their laissez faire attitude to everything got on my nerves big time.

Our villa was beautiful though. Walls of glass and a pool we could walk/ jump into from the bedrooms and living room.





Hi, they're water babies. I'm a seal.

Had an enjoyable time just doing nothing but soaking myself into a wrinkly lump. So not productive but such a luxury. We also went to the famed Potato Head Beach Club. Was expecting a shack but it far exceeded my expectations. Beautiful place. Pity it was pouring the night we were there.



The exterior made up entirely of windows.


My Breakfast Martini which packed quite a punch.

Five days went by wayyyyy too quickly. Of course this never happens when we’re working. I have to admit I got a little homesick and missed the sense of security I have back here. Makes me appreciate what I enjoy (and take for granted) in Singapore.

I’m not sure if I want to go back again. The whole laid-back vibe is good but not really my thing. I like visiting museums, walking and soaking up history and culture and a good spot of shopping. Yes, I’m a city kind of girl. This boho vibe is just not very me.

Maybe one day if I want to have a romantic, don’t-disturb-me-because-I-want-to-have-a-week-of-uninterrupted-sex with my partner will I seriously consider it.

Till I find my conquest, I leave you with a stunning picture (of the resort I stayed at for one night, not my face).




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