Thank you, X, for the Death by little things.

I know I said the ambiguity between X and me is killing me, but I think I could get used to it. These two weeks, my heart has done so many leaps and jumps that it could get a prime spot in Cirque du Soleil by now.

My bestest and goodest (kids, there ain’t no such words but I need emphasis on my words, so don’t pick this up) friends who know me inside out and upside down know that money is the last thing in this world that can move me, therefore, death by little things is what kills me most.

To X:

● Thank you for feeding me multiple meals these past weekends. You have no idea how touched I am to my very core for the effort that you have put in.

● Thank you for taking care of my dietary needs. Upon learning of my irregular bowel movement (not the most glamourous thing you should know about me….), you kinda force fed me greens. And keep reminding me about it…

● Thank you for constantly throwing me compliments. You have no idea how much of my ego you have stroked. And how big my head has gotten.

● Thank you for sharing with me things you don’t tell others. Makes me feel like you trust me, and I’m grateful for that because I know how much trust you don’t have in mankind.

● Thank you for treating me to movies and our “date” to the Night Safari. I treasure every minute with you in close proximity.

● Thank you for acting as my look out while I changed in my car without peeking like how some jerks might. Though I have to say, I wish you did hahaha.

● Thank you for your morning calls. I actually have zero issues waking up on my own but it sure puts a huge smile to my face and sets the tone of the day right when I hear your voice first thing in the morning.

● Thank you for the texts I’ve been getting from you everyday recently. Makes me wish this will go on forever and ever. And for being silly with me when I’m behaving like the mad person I really am.

● Thank you for tolerating my short temper. You didn’t mind when I turned into Queen of Grumps when I got frustrated formatting your assignment nor did you judge me when my impatient nature showed when I was driving.

I realised I have many things to thank you for, and I’m hoping I’ll have more to be thankful for in future. Though I know very well we won’t have a future future together, I still want to thank you for now, for bringing such joy and warm fuzzy feelings to my heart and solar plexus.

I thank you for you. Ok, I don’t mind anymore; let’s be Forever Friends.



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