Lonely hearts club.


There we have it. The classic “it’s not you, it’s me” line. I guess this brings the months of guessing and confusion to an end. Other than the couple of spelling mistakes, I guess it’s very clear what X wants. Or in this case, does not want.

Don’t ask me how this conversation started. I’m not too clear myself. All I remember was me joking about giving him first dibs, and that if he doesn’t want me, there are plenty of men out there who do. And then it just got a tad intense.

What I also remember was feeling really sad that we never got a shot at even having a go. But I got over that pretty quickly because there’s no point of forcing anything and I reminded myself that I’m an awesome possum person. Then I also cheered myself up by thinking that maybe one day (maybe tomorrow, or in 20 years), I’ll impress and charm the socks off him (other articles of clothing optional) that he’ll change his mind about us.

Hope. Isn’t that what keeps us going? Even though I didn’t outrightly ask, neither did he give me a clear indication, I would like to believe that he does feel something for me too.

Believe. Yes, keep believing. Having delusional thoughts might work too. Of course I’m disappointed. I would be lying if I said otherwise but I’ll suck it up like a man.

Actually the part that kills me most is the ambiguity. It’s like we’re close but we’re not. Sometimes we behave like a couple but we’re not. This surely cannot be good for my weak heart.

We’ll see what Life brings us. But till then, I have something to break.


Yes siree, dear friends (real and virtual), yours truly has just been hit by the tsunami which is also better known as The Friend Zone.

At least it means I’m such a good candidate for being a friend that I’m life long-worthy. Right….?

Hugs (real and virtual or in the form of a blank cheque) are now welcomed and needed.



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