My love-hate relationship with Theo.

My Theodore is six years old, but I’ve only had him for about 10 months now. I feel like I should know him well by now, but apparently I know nuts. I feel like a failure sometimes.

He’s been a good boy so far, and I can’t say I’m unhappy with him. Also, I feel like I should love him but the feelings I have for him are almost clinical. Maybe it’s because I secretly feel that he’s more of a liability to me than anything else. Before you call Child Services on me, hold your horses. I’m talking about my car.

Therefore, I need to go buy myself a Cars for Dummies (if there’s one in the first place).

Being a fairly old boy (in Singapore’s context), I know he’s bound to come with some wear and tear. So far, I’ve changed some spark coil thingy, a bulb for one of the headlights and just a couple of days back, I brought him back to the workshop for general servicing.

I knew I needed to change the brake pads too because he has been screeching most times when I brake. The mechanic asked if I wanted to use an original or an OEM (see I don’t even know what that stands for). Honestly, I most likely can’t tell a brake pad from a sanitary pad.

Then I was also trying to describe this strange noise coming from the engine sometimes. Which I did my best by telling him it sounds like there are crickets living under the bonnet.

You should have seen the dude’s face. He looked at me one kind of funny and his expression clearly told me that he thought there were crickets living in mine up there.

I won’t even know if they are doing what they should or whether it’s right. For all I know they could be topping up my engine oil with water and I’d be none the wiser. They could also be over charging me.

I was telling my sister that they wrote some unintelligible stuff on my receipt with the price amount beside it. That was my way of self consolation but my sis had to burst my bubble by asking me to take a closer look with a magnifying glass. She said “It probably says Haha sucker, you’ve been had!” or something across those lines. Thanks a lot.

So either I start reading up on my own, find a male friend who knows the ABCs about cars or maybe bed a mechanic in order to be more savvy in future.

Now do you understand why I just can’t seem to love Theo with all my heart and soul?

P.s: Some of my friends laughed when they found out I named my car. I don’t see anything strange in that. I name all my gadgets too- my mobile’s called Barnabas (or Barney for short), previous phone was named 小白 (literal translation means Little White), ipod is Snow White. Have yet to think of a name for my ipad mini.



3 thoughts on “My love-hate relationship with Theo.

  1. THERE IS NOTHING WEIRD ABOUT NAMING YOUR CAR. I named both of mine haha. My first one [1985 Honda Accord] was called Tony and the car I have now [1999 Nissan Primera] is called Samy. Both my sister and I talk about our cars like they’re actual people haha. My car is my baby boy and I loooooooooooove him…even if I can be a bit abusive at times ;] Haha

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