Two days, a man and a whole load of logic.

TGIFFF (Thank Goodness It’s Finally Fucking Friday)!! This week sure took it’s time to crawl by.

Just this week alone, I had two consecutive days out with my managers. Thursday had me bringing my sales manager (SM) and the national sales director out on field, while my SM must really think I’m the loveliest person in his team because he went out with me again today. Either that, or I must really suck at what I do to call for all these dual and triple days out.

While we’re on this, I have yet another session with my business unit manager (BUM) this coming Monday. If this happened to someone else I would sing sucks to be youuuuu!! Unfortunately singing it to myself would be equivalent to a slap to my own face.

Oh my lord I must be the queen of derailment because that’s totally not the point of what I want to point out. Rewind a little.

So. I’ve been “bonding” with my SM these couple of days and because in our line we play the waiting game constantly, we have more in depth conversations. And he provided some male insights that silly billy me never thought of.

1. “You need to allow men to do things for you sometimes.”
He’s not referring to getting a man to carry me on his back while climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro but more of the little things. He happened to carry my detailing bag and realised that it’s as heavy as two baby elephants and was surprised I never once complained or got him to carry it for me.

It never crossed my mind because it’s not like I’m limb-less and it’s my bag so why should I get someone else to carry it for me? I wasn’t born to be carried around in a sedan chair.

However, his male-logic is that sometimes men show affection in a different way, and me behaving like Xena Warrior Princess might give out wrong signals of rejection. He also said that I should allow myself to be “weak” at times just because. Sounds logical to me.

2. “Don’t stay home this weekend. Go out! How will you ever meet anyone by staying home?”
I swear him asking me what are my plans for this weekend was a ploy to trap me. What’s wrong with wanting to stay home and sitting on my ass to rot and catch up on sleep? I think it’s sometimes the best way to spend a weekend. Not to him apparently.

The thing is, he managed to package it in a non-annoying way that actually makes so much more sense than those nosy parkers (or as I would like to call them- nosy fuckers). Because I always joke about meeting the men of my dreams, he countered me by saying if I coop myself up at home, he’s going to really appear only in my dreams. True that.

3. “Your expectations of men are not unreasonable when it’s just one or two, but put them all together and you’ll never find such a person.”
He already knows my basic criteria like them being tall (+10000 bonus points immediately), not balding, older than me blah de blah de blah. Today, I told him my weakness for intelligent and well-spoken men (without being too nerdy) and a couple of other “preferred” choices.

He laughed and said it’s almost impossible to find a man who fits my descriptions. So very true.

If you’re scratching your head and thinking what the fuck these are all common sense why did it take her 28++ years and a man to figure all this out?, don’t.

Of course I realised many things long ago on my own, but he provided a lot more logic and thought processes which I never saw/got because of the largely female company I keep. Plus, he’s concerned enough to care, yet without me wanting to strangle him, so that itself says quite a lot.

Waitaminute….. My SM is older than me, way taller, humourous, speaks well, intelligent, charming in his own ways, not balding and…. Holy mother of god. He’s almost perfect! Except one very crucial imperfection- he’s happily married with two children.

Back to keeping my eyes peeled for the non-existent perfect dude. Maybe I’ll see him in my dreams tonight.



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