As Shakespeare (might have) said.

Well well well.
Actually, it’s not going so well seeing that 1) it’s Monday tomorrow (technically already), 2) I have no desire of going back to work after a five-day break, 3) I have to wake up in approximately five hours and I’m still wide awake. Holy mother of god.

Today a friend texted “save me” to me. Then told me that he was at a family dinner and asked “you understand right?”. Sure I do. Ever since I became of “marriageable” age, this question has been posed to me far more times than I can remember.

I usually manage to dodge it by 1) faking a tummy ache, 2) pretending I’m hard on hearing, 3) keeping them from guessing by giving vague answers, 4) tell them my plans of serving our lord, and mostly using other varying forms of distraction methods.

X has asked me to pose as his partner once, but that was to his classmates so it doesn’t really count. I have plans with my buddy J on him being my back up husband when we’re both single and 40 but that’s also about it.

My friend JT (no no, not Justin Timberlake) just took it to a whole new level. He asks if he can bring me along to his next family dinner. And not just his immediate family mind you, but oh, I don’t know, the whole village or something equally close. If life was like riding a bicycle, let’s just say I would be back-pedalling with all my might at that request.

Does he not see the seriousness of this?! It could lead to so many repercussions. And all of them negative in my mind. I cannot handle such responsibility. Am also definitely not Spiderman material. It’s not like I’m in love with this dude. A lady cannot afford to make such potentially hefty mistakes. So I turned him down using one of my many deflection methods.

Now. However, if this question was posed by X…… I would definitely put in some serious consideration. Yes, yes!! Pick me! MEEEEEEEE!!!!! Therefore, it is not the question of what, but who.



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