Down, down, down.

This week has been kind of exciting. In good and not so good ways.

My bff has left for Jakarta. You have no idea how much tears were shed. The last lunch was especially emotional and I wish I could hold her forever.

I know, she’s going to be away for only two years and she’s just less than two hours away by aeroplane, but you must understand she’s my partner in crime. Who’s going to listen, laugh with me (and at me sometimes) and take my shit now? Doubt anyone will even come close.

Closed the quarter with at best, mediocrity even though I managed to pump almost 20k of sales in the last two days before closing. Yes, that’s how badly I was doing.

Will only find out if I managed to secure a gold position next week. If I’m still in silver, I will find a wall to run into because I was already there before that 20k plus I will suffer terribly next month. Cheesepie.

Yesterday, DBC went out to celebrate K’s birthday. Definitely a night to remember. Me, a law-abiding citizen all my life, nearly got hauled to prison.

For some unexplainable reason, K got really smashed and lost it. He was abusing people verbally and got kicked out of the club. Then the police came and gave us five minutes to get him out of there before they were going to arrest him.

We managed to haul his ass away but he refused to go home and started crying and saying lots of (mostly incoherent) stuff. As a result of kneeling on concrete for about an hour because he was sprawled on the floor, I now have massive bruises on my legs.

It got me thinking that he might have a lot of pent up troubles and I feel guilty that he doesn’t share with us for whatever reason. At one point, when he babbled about the great weight upon his shoulders, all I could do was hold him tight and sobbed with him.

Holy mother of god. I think I’ve cried more this week than in years. And I definitely am not PMS-ing so this is plain queer.

I keep asking myself if I’ve really been a friend to these people I love. Could I have done better? What else can I do?

I take back what I said at the start of this post. It has not been exciting at all. Yes it’s still a roller coaster but there seems to be no ascend. It’s like a ride straight to hell.


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