I have a wardrobe better than any store.

Somebody stop me (to be said in voice of The Mask)!!!

I cannot stop buying. It’s like a disease. Everyday, I say I have nothing to wear but it’s one great big fat lie. Someone asked me just how much (see I’m not even using the word many) clothes I have and I tried doing a mental checklist. Let’s just say if I had to put an outfit together everyday without repeating, I think I can go on for at least half a year. And that, I think, is a fairly modest guesstimation.

My friend is convinced she’ll see me on Hoarders one fine day. I think she might be right.

Clothes are my biggest weakness. Then I also love my shoes and my bags and my bras and panties and accessories and and and. The only thing I don’t buy are probably socks because they kinda don’t go with my style.

I have a shoe tower which is stacked 3/4 way to the ceiling and I don’t even want to start describing my clothes. Ok. I admit. I really do have an issue.

While I leave you to conjure those horrific images (and maybe pick your jaws off the floor), let me share my latest acquisitions.



Tadahhhh!!! Aren’t they the prettiest? And that’s where my problem lies. I couldn’t stop at one. How could I? Not especially when they were offering free international shipping for the month of May.

Back to my condition. I need to stop. Doesn’t help that my job allows such flexibility to shop. Sigh pie. I truly think the only way to cure me of this terrible disease is to blind me. Only when I don’t see, will I not get the urge to buy.

There must be someone out there worse than me. Right…..? Wonder if there’s a Shopaholic Anonymous out there.

Now please excuse me while I go hug my bags to sleep. (and on a side note, X is coming back tomorrow!) And, what should I wear tomorrow??? I’m running out of things to wear.

Ssssssomebody stop meh!!!!


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