I’m Trouble in Taylor Swift’s song.

Today is the day I should tear up my Bachelor of Communications. Because of my inability to translate my thoughts into words on paper proper, I apparently put someone in a very bad light. Bigger irony: PR was my major.

Not just anyone, but one of my close friends from work. It was meant to be anonymous feedback session, (not that I really cared whether or not we were identified) but of course there must always be senseless idiots around. I mean, what would the world be without brainless fools, right?

So after seeing how “bad” my words on print turned out to be, I of course had to clarify. But no, suddenly these chattels just emerged from the woodwork like maggots on a decomposing corpse, and all had nary a negative word for said friend involved. So none of you wrote any of that negative stuff moments earlier? Or did you all conveniently suffer from amnesia?

I guess these vultures were just waiting for such an opportunity. Woe to be me at that moment. So, great! Now I’m apparently the bad person who mouths off without processing them thoughts in my brain first, making false accusations against someone, and the baddie everyone simply loves to hate. All in three minutes.

Now please excuse me, for I think I totally deserve a standing ovation, and am going to do so for myself.

I said apparently in the above lines because I myself am surprised of who I’m supposed to be. Anyone who knows me well enough can vouch that I’m always honest and forthright, and never sugarcoats my words just to please, much less backstab someone whom I really like. Backstabbing to me, is just plain under-handed, not to mention juvenile. I could never stoop that low. Ask me again if Johnny Depp falls for me one day and I have a love rival.

I don’t blame my friend for being mad. I would be in shock too if I found out how someone whom I’m sleeping with also sleeps with his own mother. I’m not trying to find excuses for my inept choice of words but I swear ill intent was never in my mind.

It’s too late now. The unintended words have been written. Damage has been done. I cannot undo anything. But I’m truly sorry about hurting my friend in the process.

And just because you were never identified, yes bitch girl I’m talking to you, your acting is, I would say at best, far from mediocre. Stop trying to play nice because I saw through you the first time I had interaction with you. The fire you set will soon be back to catch you in your ass.

Murdoch University, come take back the degree you conferred unto me. I’m a disgrace to your good name. The irony. I deserve to go back to primary school to re-learn the basics. Leave me to repent, and flog myself in shame. Burn me at the stake now.



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