Flavour of The Month no more.

Just like that, it’s over. To be fair, X and I never started anything but I think this time we’re talking about being done. Like finito done. Nope, I don’t know what happened either. He just decided to become cold. Suit yourself. Two can play the same game. Just so you know, I’m competitive.

Then to top the icing on my already pissed off cake, I got screamed at by one of my customers twice in a week. Back to back. One day after the other. For things that were in no way my fault. Totally spoiled my weekend mood. If only you heard all the nasty things she said to me. I really want to repeat it here but it would probably take me two hours to type it all out and I might start crying again.

This was on top of receiving my Q2 targets. Nearly fainted when I opened the email. As it is, I didn’t even achieve plan for Q1, so you can say my wanting to faint was justified when I saw that it increased by 30% and 50% for my two products. Might as well give me more since it’s already mission fucking impossible.

Yup, I definitely had a shitty, FML week. I’m dreading going back to work tomorrow. No one likes Mondays I’m sure, but the mere thought of it makes me want to hide under my blanket until I become a size 8.

My job, I reiterate, is not much different from a prostitute sometimes. We both hang around for customers, have to plaster wide smiles on our faces even if the client is a top-notch asshole, and deliver service even when they screw us over.

Only difference is that a hooker gets instant gratification in the form of payment immediately after.

What have I done wrong to deserve all this?! Last I checked, I was still flavour of the month.



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