I should be a dog.

I should be a puppy instead of a person. Why? Because I always say that only puppies whine. And I realised from my recent posts that I’m turning into Number One Whiner, Second to None.

And here I go again. Tomorrow, at 1100 hours, we close for the quarter. And I’ve been kicked from the gold position today (where there’s a guaranteed pot of money).

Life now hangs in the balance. I could be silver, bronze or *gasp* lead where you get zero dollars. Yes you read that right. Such a competitive job. And after all this stress, Q2 starts immediately. Should check my blood pressure more often.

Ok. So now that there’s nothing I can do (already attempted “begging” for sales the past week to no avail), I need some loving for my battered soul.

The odds have been against me lately. That day while getting my car washed, I decided to fiddle with my audio system out of boredom. Note that I usually don’t touch it because I never saw the need to. So I touched this unknown icon, and it changed to AM mode. Of course I panicked. I’m known for many things but being calm is definitely not one of them.

Then the touch screen decided to play punk with me by not responding. And of course the car dealer omitted to pass me the remote when I got the car. So I’ve been reduced to driving in silence and occasionally trying that stupid icon in the hopes of it functioning normally again.

Technology: 1, Sab: 0.

Can you believe that was the highlight of my week? No, I can’t either. My life has got to be more interesting than that. Paris Hilton’s dog has a more kick-ass life than me I bet. Good luck if you’re closing the quarter too.


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