Almost as strange as The Addams Family.

Family. I think most of us have a love-hate relationship with them. Myself included. In fact if I were not me, I would probably hate myself more than I love thyself.

I must admit that I have an extremely short fuse. My temper can flare as quickly as you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. No, I’m not proud of this one bit but am trying to change. As if a leopard can change its spots.

Back to my family. Of course we have our moments. What are we, The Holy Family? I get frustrated with them many a times but I have to say, they brighten my days more often than not.

I love my mad-cap siblings for their ability to make me laugh out loud and forget my troubles, even for a while. Take the following examples.


Seriously, I think she should consider a career change.

That’s my elder sister. And the next is my youngest brother.


I don’t have anything to show for my younger sister, but I can assure you she is fairly off her rocker as well. And my family has the cheek to call me weird. I happen to think I’m the most normal one at home.

Awhile back, I was just moping and thinking about stuff, (particularly about X and work if you really had a burning desire to know) but my brother’s tweet perked me right up.

There are many other little things they do that cheer me up to no end. I know I can be grouchier than someone who has 12 biscuit cones shoved up their ass or someone who poured white glue into their morning cereal instead of yoghurt, and I’m sorry for that.

But I would really want to thank them a gabazillion times for the times they made me smile. Because we’re a typical Asian family who don’t openly profess our love for each other (either that or we’re all just trying to act cool), I would like to say it here. I LOVE YOU A, R, S! Hey if my parents had another child whose name starts with the letter E…………

I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world. Maybe for a harem of men. Oh, and for Johnny Depp to fall in love with me! Sorry siblings…..


See what I mean when I say I’m the most sane? (photo re-posted from a previous post)



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