Ronald McDonald in the house yo.

Happy Lunar New Year!!

This year, I’m gunning for a demure look. Not to say I never look demure, but I usually wear less clothes during this festive season hahaha. Well can’t really blame me. Our weather here is like woah.

Also, not sure if it’s an age thing. These days, I feel mildly embarrassed to be exposed under the bright day light. Nights are a different story altogether.

Because I want to make it a year of change, I decided to go bold with my makeup too. First off, my makeup skills are non-existent. I can do the minimum, yes, but that’s all there is. Things like the smoky eye effect and all- let’s just say I attempted it once at home and it looked more sooty than smoky. Like I just stepped out from a forest wildfire.

So, I didn’t even have the intention to buy a red lipstick. I’ve always admired ladies who can carry it off so well. Then my sister bought one and realised that shade didn’t suit her one bit. Therefore it landed in my hands. Both sisters said it suits me very well but I’m a sucker for compliments so now, upon hindsight, I’m not sure if they were telling the truth or part of their sales pitch to get me to buy that lippie off A’s hand.


Would you like a Happy Meal with that?

I think I look nice…. It’s a different feel to my usual style. In fact, I felt a little vampish and felt ready to do a sexy growl anytime (not sure if I’ll sound sexy or just weird though). But I also can’t stop the image of Ronald McDonald from creeping into my head. Wonder if it’s because if the colour combination. Thank goodness I don’t possess red curly hair.

So there. New Year, new look. I don’t think I’ll ever attempt this at work though. I want to be increasing my sales not scaring my customers away. Perhaps I’ll need to collate more feedback from more credible people who are not my family and have the obligation to be kind to me. Or in this case, earn a quick buck.

Happy New Year again, am going to spend my day rolling in bed. Alone. I too wish I had someone else to roll with lol.


Bumblebee inspired.


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