All work and no play makes Sab a dull girl.

Work. It has been so stressful. I feel like September to December didn’t happen. After all that training, drilling of key messages, endless role-playing, (no, not that kind even though there’s a doctor part involved) meeting and getting to know my customers, building rapport with them and blah de blah de blah, I was pulled from that team and put into another.

New year. New territories, new products. I have to start from scratch. To be honest, I wasn’t particularly thrilled when I got the news. In fact, I’m still not getting my panties into a knot.

On the contrary, I’m afraid. I can’t say I’m doing too well. Despite reading my materials over and over again, it just doesn’t sink in. Let’s face it. Cardiology and Osteoporosis are not as exciting compared to Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction.

Then I have a deadline hanging over my head. My boss. He’s nice and understanding, but a deadline is a deadline is a deadline. I have until end of February to know my products inside out and upside down.

I actually have problems sleeping at night. When I do sleep, I dream about work. Why our government paid good money to bring in the two giant pandas is beyond me. They have a locally bred one right here. I don’t even need a multi-million dollar enclosure.

Someone once said nothing good was going to be easy, and nothing easy will be good. I know that. In fact I would like to pat that person on the back for being so insightful, but I just can’t help feeling blue.

I usually tell people who whine about work to either suck it up or leave. It’s karma for being so apathetic and cold I tell you. I will suck it up because I’m the kind of person with such a big ego and will never admit defeat.

I just feel like playing the role of the poor little girl. Except that out of the last three words of that last sentence, the only applicable word is poor. Am miles from being little and light years away from being a girl.

P.s: I’m not a man mind you, I’m just grown up, what one would usually describe as a woman. Except that I don’t really behave like one.

Back to my materials. Wonder if it’ll be effective if I burned my notes and drank them.


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