Soap opera episode 328 and counting.

Oh me oh my. Where did time go to? I’m back!!!

Back from two consecutive, back to back work trips to *drumroll* only to our neighbour, Malaysia hahaha. But let’s just say I’m now very appreciative of what we have here. Also back from being down in the dumps.

I’m at a sudden loss for words. Too much to say, not sure what to tell. What would you like to know?

However, as seeing that this is my space, let me tell you what I want to force down your throat. Hahahaha that democracy was fake. Was just trying to be polite.

Ok. So in the drama that is known as Sab’s life, the never ending, ping ponging between X and me has been taken up a notch. Errrr at least that’s how I feel.

Honestly, we have not been meeting up as often as I would prefer, but I know he’s swamped with both work and school. He’s redeemed himself from that French bitch girl incident. Kinda. A little more on that later.

I rushed like a maniac yesterday because I was running so late for our movie that I half ran to the cinema. Panting of course. He whipped out a bottle of water because he gathered I didn’t have time to grab one on the way. Then, in the cinema, they decided to torture all movie-goers by turning down the temperature to about -15°C.

I was initially annoyed because 1) I already had a bad day at work, 2) he was busy texting I don’t know who for a good hour non-stop, 3) my tits were so close to becoming icicles, 4) he went out to pee for 10 minutes. Come on does he have a prostate problem or what?!

He told me after that he received a call that he just had to take. Ok fine. Maybe sensing my iciness, he came back with a cup of hot tea for me. Because I’m a spineless jellyfish, I got over being annoyed with him immediately. Loser.

We went for dinner blah blah then he said he has a present for me! Nope I don’t know what it is because it’s “not ready”. Refused to tell me what it is and why I’m suddenly receiving a gift. Almost got annoyed again. Said I’ll understand the purpose once I see it. If he’s expecting me to have a revelation moment he’s going to be so disappointed.

So now I have to wait. In the time we’re all (ok not all, maybe only me) dying to find out what it is, there’s something a little different in our chats these days. It first started when I was out of town and he told me this whole story about how his classmates think we’re together and how I should be his pseudo girlfriend yada yada. Something just feels different. He even found out I’m a wee bit jealous of Frenchie. Pleaded innocent on that still.

So yah. That’s the story of my life. Actually I don’t know why I’m relating all these. Should seriously consider a new, exciting hobby like sky diving. Perhaps this would make good material for inducing sleep.



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