Two weeks later.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

There’s so much on my plate right now, but I feel that I owe the people who read my second previous post (all that handful of you) about the two weeks deal.

Actually, shortly after I poured my woes out, he initiated a text conversation. Three days after to be precise. No, it wasn’t anything earth-shattering. He was just complaining and providing live updates at a wedding he was at.

Then we made plans to go out. And he called me last minute on Saturday to meet up because he was escaping from annoying relatives. Unfortunately, I was on my way to my cousin’s wedding so I couldn’t make it.

Homaigawd. Do you see a pattern?! I’m like a time filler! On one hand, I should be flattered that he chose me, but on the other….. It seems like I’m always only a back up plan.

So now ladies and gentlemen, this brings us right back to square. Fuck this shit. There I was thinking this was either a deal or no deal situation.

He also texted me this afternoon to thank me for the Christmas card which I sent and to make fun of my terrible drawing.

At this point I would like to digress; never attempt to draw something for an artist unless you 1) have balls of steel, 2) are prepared to be laughed at. Personally for me, I think I wasn’t thinking straight when I confidently thought I would try my hand at impressing him. Note the operative word here is try.

Back to square. After that agonising wait, I still do not have my answer. What the fuck do I do now?

Being in the spirit of Christmas, and in an attempt to be slightly pious, I would like to ask once again, what would Jesus do?

Now if I had almighty powers, I would whisper in his ear repeatedly in his sleep to open his eyes and look at this wonderful (albeit shameless) girl before him. Or kick him in his ass till he can’t sit down till 2013.

Now, seeing that the new year is just around the corner, that’s not too cruel a punishment right?

Because we are all just mere mortals, what would you do were you in my fabulous and glittery shoes?


Merry Christmas from Sab!



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