I am numero uno. Repeat 638952190 times.

Ok I know it’s already almost mid-November, but I still want to shout this out. I WAS RANKED #1 FOR OCTOBER!!!!!

Now I will stop shouting and talk in an acceptable volume. Summary is I just started as a pharmaceutical sales rep in end September and I’m currently covering my colleague who went to pop a baby.

Started going out on my own ladida blah blah and tadahhhh! I emerged tops. Now I know I have extremely thick skin and I’m not afraid of rejection but don’t you think I have a natural flair for this to achieve this result too? Now I’m not saying the gift of the gab is omnipotent- hard work counts too.

So it kind of hurts when I hear from the grapevine things like “she’s just lucky”, “wah S (my lactating colleague) doesn’t have to lift a finger and she emerges top?!”.

Excuse me. What am I? Invisible fucking woman?!?! Yes, no doubt I’m covering her area temporarily, and because I’m a “float”, therefore I can be overlooked just because it’s still her name and not mine that appears on the boards.

And I know S means well, but sometimes I feel like she treats me like an idiot. I know which doctor to go to. I know which clinics will buy. Don’t treat the incoming sales as “pure luck”.

That’s what makes me iffy. And this is where my competitive streak comes in. I will prove to all of you that I came out top dog through sheer hard work and persuasive powers. Do not belittle me just because I came in with zilch experience. Wait and see. I will come out tops again.

And with this rant, I will let She-Ra, female warrior who takes no shit, leave my body and become Sab again. Oh of course, other than grit and tenacity, some luck wouldn’t hurt too. If any of you come across this and would like to throw some goodwill/cheer/wishes my way, I thank you in advance. *curtsies*


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