Hairy Potter and The Chamber Pot of Secrets.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Abracadabra. Hocus pocus.

Yes, bitches (meant as a term of endearment), I HAVE FINALLY AND OFFICIALLY GRADUATED!!! *triple backflip with half twist and lands just at the edge of a cliff*

Actually, my convocation happened a week back, but I didn’t have time to blog about it because 1) I was rushing for month end sales, 2) batted my eyelids at X more than I should and 3) was researching on good deals for cars amongst a trillion other things of course.

After all that stress, not having a life, lots of cursing and swearing, sleepless nights, I can say goodbye to my academic life. And burn all the books and notes.

Now, the only reason why I was keen on attending the convocation was because I wanted to meet up with my uni friends and cam-whore a little. Also, after paying a five figure sum, I better bloody well have some pictures to show for it. Ok, that was two reasons. So I lied.

However, my regalia is just about the most horrifying thing in the world. It’s a good thing my beauty managed to make up for it. Pass the barf bucket around if you have to. And I really wasn’t looking forward to sitting still for hours with only two seconds of fame. A pity I’m not valedictorian material.

Speaking of the valedictory address, the guy was so bad he caught my attention. He couldn’t even speak properly and his speech was so boring it could rise the dead. Ok I will stop being mean this instant.

Anyways I present to you, Me.


Love it how the mortar board is in a plastic bag like I bought fish.

Seriously, the colour of the entire regalia was so bad, only by wearing a black and white combination does one look normal.


With the parents. Think my mum fell asleep somewhere during the ceremony.


With the siblings who cheered very loudly when I had my two second catwalk.


And of course with the MOMD. He looks so dapper but the photographer totally ruined this photo. Check out my chin-lings.


And a family portrait. And no one told me my sleeve was poking out. No, the slits are not meant for our damn arms.

So there you have it. First graduate of our family. Instead of being proud though, one of the first things they said was “wow, the gown is really quite ugly”, followed by sniggers all around. Thanks for the comforting words.

Another chapter ends, hopefully a new one will begin. Preferably something that involves excitement please. No, a roller coaster ride will not suffice. Maybe, just maybe when I’m feeling rich and really bored with life few years down the road, I’ll go pursue an MBA. Then I’ll get to wear an even uglier regalia.


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