He had me at hello.

First things first- I am not a country bumpkin and I had an awesome time last night. Truly unforgettable.

I was invited by X to dinner at his place yesterday, and if I haven’t already been impressed by this man, the deal would have been sealed yesterday. Sealed without a kiss though.

Anyways, I cannot cook. Unless you count instant noodles as food. Also, this was the first time someone who isn’t my mother/was paid/held at gunpoint willingly offered to feed me. I know, I do sound a little pathetic but that’s not really the point of this post.

So I arrived at the appointed time and was shown to the where we would dine.


Our alfresco dining area.

It was dark on the balcony (and there were only going to be two of us) but he assured me that he cleaned up the place well so I didn’t get anxious on thinking what could be lurking.
X apologetically told me dinner wasn’t quite ready and told me to sit prettily like a flower (he only told me to sit, I made up the rest of the words myself) and banned me from stepping anywhere near the kitchen.

Soon after he served an appetiser.


Appetiser. With tomatoes and I'm not sure what haha.

I didn’t manage to get its exact name but there were tomatoes lol. Told you I suck. At cooking what were you pervs thinking of? It was good though, very refreshing and made me look forward to dinner even more. X also served me Evian. Very impressed because if you came to my house for dinner I’d serve water from the tap.

Next up- Starters. Ok maybe that wasn’t appetiser because don’t they mean the same thing? Whatever. We moved to the balcony. He served prawn avocado salad.


I absolutely love this! He made the sauce and everything went so well together. Of course we didn’t just eat. We had a very intense conversation as well. When I joked that it was so dark I couldn’t see what I was putting in my mouth, he offered to bring out candles.

At this point, I was torn between wanting to cross over to give him a hug for being so cute and bursting out into laughter. If he brought those candles out, it would turn our casual dinner into a candlelit one. Sorry, but I always feel candles ups the romance factor.

You all know how I feel about him so it wouldn’t be safe for him hahaha. Then he brought out the mains- Creamed snapper with mash and erm.. Some vegetables. Sauce made by him as well.


Maybe I’m easily satisfied/impressed, but I loved this as well! Pity I didn’t manage to finish all of it.

Do people usually change water at this point? He doesn’t drink so wine pairing is out. He told me he forgot to buy sparkling water and served soda water instead. AND he was so mindful and slightly concerned that it contained sugar and worried if I could drink it or not. Bonus points there. Tell me, how do you not fall for a sensitive man like that?!

After dinner, he refused to let me help with the washing up so I stood in the kitchen uselessly like a display piece and chatted with him while he did his Cinderella thing.

For dessert, we had each other.

GOTCHA!!!!! Aha I knew all you sleazebags were just waiting for this moment. Unfortunately we didn’t. We are both not the frivolous type okayyy. Him more than me though lol.

We had grapes for I-wouldn’t-call-it-dessert dessert. And no. We didn’t feed each other anything. Chatted till about 2am and I decided not to impose myself on him further.

All in all, I enjoyed myself very very much. Who said one can’t have fun without sex? Very touched that so much effort went into this supposed “simple” dinner. Bonus points are now being awarded so generously like snuff at wakes. I’m also afraid that I will fall further for him. And it’s very frustrating that there are still no clear indications from him. Other than asking him, this seems like a case for Sherlock Holmes/Nancy Drew/Famous Five.

Now, in the mean time, where can I get an application form to sign this man up for my own keeps?



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