Boys, eat your heart out.

I never was competitive. In fact, I always thought that seriously competitive people bordered on weird. Because I absolutely refused to being associated to weirdness of any kind, probably explains why I was always mediocre, at most above average.

Well, the tides have turned. I’m not saying that I’m top dog all the time these days, (I’ll probably lose to your grandmother in running) but I do try. I’m not proving anything to anyone except for myself.

Some of you might conclude this as an ego issue. I totally agree but let’s not go too deep into my egoism for now.

My company had our Family Day yesterday. October being the month of Halloween, dress-up was what was required from us. Especially for the females, it’s all about looking cute/sexy/slutty/pretty/glam and about 1000 more adjectives that are vomit-inducing.

By now if you have read enough, no one will ever use the words “feminine” and “Sab” in the same sentence. Unless I get a brain transplant.

WARNING: The following image may cause choking, so please hold off eating or drinking at this point.


I was a spurned housewife way past her expiry date. When I first looked into the mirror I couldn't stop laughing myself.

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify that I do not usually look like this. The things I do in the name of competition. In fact, my colleague whom I was hitching a ride from laughed so hard when he saw me and refused to unlock the car door.

All the stares and embarrassment did not come to nought. I won 2nd prize! I lost out to these folks:


This, in the Taoist beliefs, are the escorts who will bring you to the King of Hades when your time is up.

Now that I won myself some shopping vouchers and am therefore feeling fairly smug, I leave you with this lovely image.

The man who falls in love with this hopeless cause- it’s definitely my true love lol.



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