My charming hair.

Yesterday night I was chatting with a friend and I mentioned that I have an urge to cut my hair.

His negative reaction towards it kind of surprised me. No! You shouldn’t!, he said. I think women with long hair are more charming.

That totally threw me off. I always thought my charm oozed out of my every pore. Little did I know that my “success” lies in my hair.

I think it’s a matter of personal preference. Take myself for example. I only like tall men. Anyone shorter than me- you might as well be invisible. If you are short and are reading this, I apologise. I have no intention to put you down. It’s just… Me.

So back to that convo. Just to prove a point, I feel like chopping it all off then attempt to use my charming ways on him. But what if I really fail?! To this point you should be able to deduce that I am inclined towards this man.

If only this tenacity of mine extended to people suggesting that I should diet. My eyes will usually glaze over at this point. I wonder why I don’t have the urge to prove these people wrong then.

So I’m just wondering. Perhaps I should grow my hair out to be as long as Rapunzel’s. Then I will probably attract queues of men that will stretch for miles and miles. And said friend will probably be so impressed that he will want to marry me.

Shampooing might prove to be a challenge though.



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