X’s birthday post. Happy Birthday mon cherie.


I finally managed to get some time with him and it was a half day well-spent (in my opinion at least). I think I would count spending a day down in the sewers a good day if I was with the right person. Bloody hopeless.

We did the most mundane of things, and unfortunately, there were’t any passionate, spur-of-the-moment moments. Ok I’m starting to be pervy again.

Because we haven’t known each other for a long time, I didn’t want to scare him off with a huge-ass, expensive present. Wouldn’t you pee in your pants if someone you know for a short time bought you a pony? So I bought him a series of little presents.

1. Disposable camera. Purpose was to capture moments today but he didn’t open it. Mission failed.

2. Rubber stamps with inspirational messages. For days when I’m not around to make noise.

3. Four packets of Fisherman’s Friend sweets. I’m an addict and recently he has also started buying his own through influence. Such persuasive powers I have. Thank goodness I don’t take marijuana then.

4. A pair of socks. To keep his toes warm on “wintry” nights. In Singapore, the only kind of winter we get is if we remain in air-conditioned rooms. He has been telling me his area feels like winter some days. I think the chills has got to his head.

5. Orangette chocolates. Said those are his absolute favourite and the ones he had in Paris were damn good. Well, Godiva may not be comparable but at least it’s still European.

6. A card. When I passed him present #1 without a card, then later whipped out the rest, he said he was surprised because he expected a card from me. Such a reputation I have. If I was a call girl, imagine the amount of business I would ring in.

And I’m glad I did all this because when I called him at midnight to scream “Happy Birthday” in his ear, he said his family doesn’t do birthdays. No cake, no dinner. Nada. Made me feel sad for a moment. To think I take my birthday celebrations for granted.

I’m happy that I made him happy. 🙂
I could make you happier if you only let me…..
Ok I really need to stop behaving like a giant sleazebag.




Part of his card.


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