A day in the life of a sales rep.

I’ll never think of/ look at penises the same way again. For those not in the know (which makes that 99.98% of the world’s population), I started my new job as a medical sales rep two weeks back.

Finally got to go out on field this week and it has been pure madness. Rushing from clinic to clinic in heels in this unforgiving weather makes me feel like I signed up for SWAT training instead.

Ok, as usual my mind veers off topic. Back to penises. I’m currently selling a drug for erectile dysfunction. I hope none of you ever have to use it. (but if you do, please buy from my doctors)

It has been very interesting. Did you manage to have successful intercourse- where your penis penetrated your partner’s vagina?

I won’t pretend I’ve never seen one before. Oh my god what is that?! But talking about it to male doctors while keeping a poker face is something….. Different. How come it grows as I touch it? Is this magic?!

They themselves are amused that a female is selling a drug for ED and they sometimes, just for the heck of it, like to ask us cheeky questions. I think it’s a good start I was born with hide instead of skin. Definitely makes being non-sheepish much easier.

Today, I met a doc who either has a really huge manhood, or had an erection while talking to us. Couldn’t possibly ask him right? Well I have to admit I kept stealing glances to double check. What am I, high priestess of purity???! Also morbid fascination I think. Is it the angle that he’s sitting or is something trying to get out if those pants???

Anyway, don’t judge me. I’m not promiscuous but it’s natural human instinct to think about/ want sex. All I’m saying is all the talk about ding dong bells, vacuum pumps, penile injections (ouch!!!), and even prosthetics make me think I have an amazing job.

I do hope no one gets offended by this post. I mean come on, Adam and Eve started this whole sex thing. We are just trying to fix some of nature’s errors.

On the other hand, my future partner better not be damaged. That’s why test driving a car before purchasing is so important. Just be careful and watch out for blind spots.

Doctor, with our drug, your patient can do spontaneity and live a life like without ED! Heigh-ho now please buy more so I can achieve target.



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