Winds of change.

In the past couple of weeks, I feel a change. Not in the winds, not in the weather (it just ranges from hot and humid to hotter and humid), but in a certain someone.

It’s probably negligible to others, but I can just feel it in my bones. Unfortunately, my gut feel is quite accurate. In the past, when I stubbornly refused to listen, I ended up being disappointed and worse- sad.

So even though I know I ought to follow that feel, I am kind of sad. I’m not sure what happened. One minute X was warm, the next thing I know, Jack Frost has descended.

Maybe it was something I said or did I really don’t know. My rah-rah buddy S said (rather sadly to me) perhaps there’s someone else in the picture or he just wasn’t into me in the first place.

The horrors. How could anyone not like me?! As downcast as I am, I never know the meaning of humility.

Maybe I’m feeling extra tender-hearted because I have a few other burdens weighing on my mind. I really don’t like it when I’m emo nemo. No one to tell, no one to offload. (except perhaps the couple of people following me who now have the unfortunate and unenviable misfortune of receiving this post via email lol)

Fuck. A thought just crossed my mind. There’s a high chance I freaked him away because of my frequent gushing here. Genius forgot this blog is linked to my Facebook page and therefore open for the entire universe and the other planets and stars.

Ok. What’s done cannot be undone. It’s Friday. No one should be allowed to mope during the weekend.

Let me stew a little longer and I promise I will be back (say this in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice in Terminator) real soon. I will be back with my unicorns that fart rainbows and poop buttercups.



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