Christmas came early.

I feel like a kid let loose in a candy store. I have had many farewell meals and received leaving gifts as well. The first surprise was from my Boss who bought me a Tiffany & Co. pen. I didn’t expect her to buy a separate present from the rest. Neither did I expect such an expensive gift. It is a very well thought out gift. My next role is in Pharma sales, and she says I should look the part. Her exact words: “what would the doctors think if you whipped out a cheap ballpoint pen??!”. Ok, point taken.

My Boss’ very thoughtful gift. I don’t mean to sound like a hilly billy but I was so excited when I saw the Blue bag hahahahahahahaha.

She has also bought me multiple meals, and today, she organised a farewell lunch for me, some of my colleagues and my telemarketers. As I was done eating, they presented me with their present- A gigantasaurus card and a Prada cardholder which is actually big enough to be a wallet. I couldn’t stop grinning when they made me open it on the spot. I also whipped out the card but when I saw that it was filled with words, I quickly shoved it back into the envelope.

You see, I’m a real crybaby, and it wouldn’t do to be sobbing in a public place right? I will read it in the safe confines of my room where I can bawl loudly into my blanket without being judged. The motif on the front of the envelope has been specially designed for me from my team mate. So pretty I can consider using the ‘S’ as a tattoo design.

I really did not expect such an extravagant gift. I’m so loved. 🙂

I sound like the ultimate country bumpkin from the boondocks. I always think it’s so frivolous to fork out so much money on something. The furthest I bought myself are Kate Spade bags. Which are still probably cheaper than these wonderful gifts. I wonder what I did right in my past life to deserve such love, generosity and kindness. Brings a tear to my eye.

This present is also part of Project You Should Look Your Part hahaha. I am so so happy I’m almost at a loss for words. I’m not showing off here, but I cannot believe my luck. All I want is to share my joy and to let you know that there are marvellous people in this world.

Looking back, 2012 has been fairly good to me. Of course, I wish things will only get better (or at least remain status quo), but I must also remind myself not to be complacent. I do hope things are good for everyone else as well.

Before I conclude this post, I have something to say.

I am, indeed, Fab Sab. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….


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