An ode to my Boss. (a fairly long ode hurhurhur)

As I start this work week, it is filled with tons of emotions. This week, marks my last week with the present company. I’ve been here for one and a half years. It’s not long enough to feel particularly teary, but definitely long enough to miss the people I’ve worked with. I’m currently doing Campaign Management, which in short translates to “let’s-clear-the-shit-the-incompetent-salespeople-sell”.

Honestly, all the time I’ve been here, most, if not all locally-sold campaigns are crappy ones. But, miraculously, they still manage to sell and that’s what a company is most concerned about right? This post however, is not about these dumb-ass folks. If I were to go into it, this post would be longer than Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

So, I belong to the Operations team, and it’s made up of a mish-mash of people. These people, are probably the reason why I lasted in the first place. They are fun, lovely and we manage to work seamlessly together, so much so that our boss never has to chase/ask us for things. And speaking of my boss, she is the best I’ve ever met. I must say that I’m very lucky to have never met a bad boss, and I’m still close with a couple of ex-bosses, but this one, really takes the cake.

She trusts me to do my work and sees the potential (her words, not mine) in me to go far, even willing to groom me to take over her position when she moves on to a different portfolio. It is very tempting, but like I said, this company does not recognise the right people and it’s beginning to be a mega pain in the ass working here.

Therefore I told my boss I’m looking for a new challenge since I just recently completed my degree on a part-time basis. When I was still studying, she was very understanding that I needed to take extended time off work, especially when exam periods were looming, and when I needed to visit my doctor. Not once did she say no, or told me to clock extra hours. And since the company already made it very clear that they would not be adjusting my salary based on my qualifications, I just felt that it was time to move on. She, too, also felt that I should not waste my time here, and told me to start searching and leave only when I found the right job.

Other than looking out for me for internal positions, she sat me down one day and asked what I wanted to do in life. She then went on to contact HER friends who are in my preferred industry and asked around. We all know how difficult it is to make a personal recommendation because there’s always a risk that that person turns out to be incorrigible. But she was willing to stick her neck out for me. Other than this, she has done a great deal for me, and for that I’m forever grateful and thankful.

Before I crumble into an emotional pie, I will tell you about my farewell gift to her. Now my boss is female but she is like a man (get my drift???). Plus, she is extremely fussy. So, all things feminine- OUT. And there is a much limited range of things one can buy for a man compared to a woman. I started thinking about this a couple of weeks back and I just got stuck in a rut. I know she likes pencils that can be sharpened, but that would hardly make an appropriate gift. I mean, do I have to buy her an entire truck’s worth???

I asked around and someone suggested I buy her a mahjong set. Erm ok, I hardly think this is a gift with personal thought.

This is such a thoughtless gift. To want to express my thanks, I think a more personal gift would be in place.

Then I had a stroke of brilliance! I WILL BUY HER A NICE CARDHOLDER! Because I’ve noticed the one she is using is a little worn. I brought my colleague to Mont Blanc wanting to just pick one out there. Then my colleague might as well have thrown a bucket of water on me. She said my boss already has TWO Mont Blanc cardholders. Right. However I still think it’s a suitable gift because when cardholder A and B are spoilt, VOILA!– She can use cardholder C!

So we trudged to Bally as my colleague said she heard my boss mention once that she likes the entire shelf of small leather goods. An entire shelf I cannot afford, but I sure can afford one. And this is the one we finally settled on:

My final choice. So pretty I want to keep it hehehe.

Not to sound like a loser, but this is the first time I bought something “branded” (Kate Spade does not count), but it is unfortunately not for myself hahaha. It is a little on the pricey side, but I think she deserves it. Now I just have to present it to her when not too many people are around or tongues will wag. And….. If she doesn’t like it, I’m going to have to go hang myself.



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