When I was small, and Christmas trees were tall.

My Godma was clearing some stuff out the other day, and came across loads of photo albums that contained old photos of our entire extended family. One of my cousins started uploading them onto Facebook, and it just brought back so much memories! And that’s why I love (and miss) those brick cameras of old.

No retakes, no instant deletion of fugly photos, and that element of suspense and surprise to first finish the roll of film, send it for developing, and receiving it days or weeks after. So what if the pictures didn’t turn out quite right? I remember everyone clamouring to get their hands on those photos. These days, people still clamour. They want to have first dibs to make sure that they look ok and clamour to delete any “unglamourous” pics.

In my own home, there are very little pictures of me as a child. ALL my three other siblings have tons. Album-fuls in fact. The reasons my mother gave are:

  1. A is first-born, so naturally she gets lots of photo ops. She also came some years after our older batch of cousins AND had a head full of curly wurly hair, therefore she got lots of loving.
  2. I came two years after, and I think they lost the excitement of having a new baby (obviously I was an unplanned kid). Plus my mother said that I was an extremely ugly baby who cried all the time for no reason, and she was tempted, more than a few times during her confinement month, to throw me off the 12th floor balcony. Right. I’m lucky to get few pictures rather than being dead. Thank my lucky stars.
  3. R came eight years after me, at a time where my dad missed having a baby around. Being the wanted child and apple of his eye, she definitely got many shots at model-dom.
  4. S was another five years later. He was an “accident” baby whom none of us wanted but was still popped nonetheless. Obviously, because he’s the only boy and the youngest, he too, got his fair share of pictures.

I’m almost like the poor middle child. Which is why I got so excited when I realised that it doesn’t matter if my parents didn’t take enough photos of me because other people did! I now present to you…. *drumroll* FIVE photos of me as a wee child!

Wheeeeeeeeeee~ See how happy we were!

I wonder why so many shots are of us (more me) in just panties and no pants.

That’s me, the attention-seeker in the middle.


A little game got us all so happy. See my cheeky face (and still in panties)

Ok… I’m beginning to understand why my mother wasn’t my biggest fan hahahaha. Don’t you just wanna smack that face?? And those eye bags!


Ah, I see when my love for partying developed…. If I remember correctly, I was doing The Twist to Chubby Checkers’ song.

And now, I totally understand why I wasn’t anyone’s favourite. If I saw a kid who looked like me now, I think I would secretly pinch them while their parents are not looking. Thank goodness I progressed (I think) spectacularly over the years hahahahaha… Ah the memories!


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