Blindfold me.

In case you don’t already know, I’m Sabrina and I’m a shopaholic. I spend at least $300-$500 on shopping every single month. I have no more space in my wardrobe. My clothes extend to a clothes rail, over the kitchen chair, over my sister’s entire bed (the air-con in the room broke down so she’s bunking in with my parents currently), in boxes on my floor AND over the rails at the end of my bed. Eeps. This looks scary after I typed it out.

And those are just clothes. I have at last count more than 50 pairs of shoes which are stacked in boxes. Soon I can build my very own Eiffel Tower. And I have not touched on bags and accessories. You can imagine my room is in an undesirable state. Therefore I need to stop shopping. For the next half a year at least. Ok maybe till I’m 40.

So far, I have not bought any clothes/shoes/bags since I last got paid.  Which was only five days ago (wtf it feels like at least 2 weeks!!). I’m so screwed. I’m so broke. And I have to buy meds soon (for diabetes and not insanity in case you were thinking that). I wish I was a kid again. Where the only thing I had to worry was getting good grades (not that I was an A student in the first place hahaha).

I will try this a baby step at a time. Though I said I will shop for the next 12 years, let me get through at least this month first. Godspeed to myself.



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