Wake me up when August ends.

I said to wake me up when August ends because I cannot wait for September!!

Couple of things to be excited about:

  1. My new old job. I said new because it’s a role I always wanted in my ex-company. Honestly, I’m not too sure about the prospects long-term, but I do know for sure that it beats being stuck in my current role where I’m overworked and underpaid. It’s all about the money money money…. I’m young, but not so young. There are many things that I want and need to do but am held back because of monetary issues. More like lack of.
  2. Buying a car. Even though owning a vehicle in Singapore is more of a liability than anything else, nevertheless I’m excited to be driving soon. Soon, I’ll be free from our increasingly unreliable and crowded public transport. SEE YA BITCHES! I do envision myself to be a driver with potential road rage though hahaha. I think my swearing will go further downhill especially when there’s no one else around to give me disapproving looks when I curse the world and her mother.
  3. A dinner date. At first glance I admit that makes me look nutters. It seems like I’m such a pathetic soul that no one has ever asked me out for dinner. I assure you it’s not like that at all. X (remember X?) is going to make good his promise of cooking me a meal when he’s free. Though he said he’ll be very busy in September, he is going to squeeze time out. That in itself is a nice gesture. Other than my mother and maybe the hawkers and food places which I patronise, no one (let alone a man) has offered to cook me a meal. This man seems like a potential keeper, unfortunately I’m still not sure of the signals he is sending. Whatever it is, I will definitely savour that dinner, because that might be the first and only time someone (who is not my mother and not paid) is willing to cook for me. And, with that statement, I belong to loser central for sure.
  4. My good friend’s wedding. Where I’m appointed emcee. Have asked her why she picked me instead of others and she said “because you are funny”. Hmmmmm…. Should I also dress up in a clown suit? I told her that it’s HER wedding so me cracking inappropriate jokes might not be ideal. After all, I’m sure she has elderly/conservative/under-aged guests. Also, what if I get stage fright and have a wobbly voice? I’m not the bride’s mother so why the hell should I be sounding emotional? However, I get to wear one of my many pretty dresses so I’m not complaining. Who knows, I might discover a talent and embark on a new career path.

Ok, so that was more than a couple of things. Nevertheless, I look forward to the arrival of September. Come everybody, countdown with me! 4 days………………….

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