Hello, anybody missed me?

Oh hello. I have been so busy with work the past few weeks I did not even have time to go buy lunch. Been surviving on a diet of instant soup and noodles, tea and air.

Then of course, shit doesn’t just hit the fan, but splatters all over you as well. We sometimes work with agency folks who act as a bridge between the client and us. And this bitch from P agency insinuated that I’m incompetent. Twice. My crime- not responding to her emails immediately and something else that is not even part of my job scope which is handled my not so competent colleague.

Now, not that I have such thick skin and want to praise myself to the skies, but since I’ve been exposed to the working world since I was 16 (I’ll be 28 soon if you needed to know), I’ve never received negative feedback. In fact, I’ve always been adored by all and sundry (ok I will stop showing off now).

There’s a good chance this bitch is going to ruin the good reputation I’ve built and maintained all this year. We all know it just takes a couple of nasty words and whoosh, you become the town whore.

So I resigned. And suddenly I get people who tell me “please don’t leave we want to groom you into a goddess” and things like that.

I don’t fucking care. You can groom me to become top dog but expect me to perform tricks and bend over backwards for pittance?! No fucking way Jose.

Ok the truth is I happened to get a much better offer so the bitch was the trigger for making up my mind. I really did consider staying because I’m such a sentimental person and my direct boss is fantastic. But, clearing shit wasn’t in my JD and I’ve been janitor for way too long. Enough is enough.

My next role is in pharma sales and I’m excited. Especially when Barney Stinson says the hottest girls are in pharma sales hahahahahaha.

I’ve received the blessings from my fab boss too and a gabazillion other people so I really feel extremely fortunate.

Because it’s Friday, let’s all cheers to better days ahead.



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