The thank you, again post.

You are really way too nice to me. Maybe that’s just the way you are, but you make my days a little brighter each time.

  • Thank you for your gift which you lugged back from France. The way you worried that I would not like it is cute. I DO LOVE IT! And haven’t you heard? It’s the thought that counts.
  • Thank you for travelling all the way back to that little island to get the wrapping replaced when the cat ruined the original packaging. That’s how thoughtful you are.
  • Thank you for telling me that you thought about me while you were in Paris. I will not deny that my heart did a little hop and jump upon hearing that.
  • Thank you for always telling me I look nice and things along those lines. Such an ego-booster you know hahahaha.
  • Thank you for thinking of exploring how to make non-sweet desserts for me because you know I’m diabetic. No one, not even my mother, has ever thought this out aloud.
  • Thank you also for “I promise to cook you a meal when I am free!!”. We both know your hands are full at the moment, but thank you again for the thought.
  • Thank you for noticing the small details like me colouring my hair. All I did was to touch up the roots and perhaps went a shade of dark brown lighter than usual, not a drastic pink. Very impressive indeed. Now, who said men don’t pay attention to details?
  • Thank you for constantly praising my paintings (he teaches me oil painting on a intermediate level) even though I know it’s no where near spectacular for I’m no prodigy.
  • Thank you for pre-empting me that you are not ignoring me when I text you sometimes on weekdays as you are busy with school and work. Of course I know you are not doing it on purpose, but it’s minute details like this that you share that make me go slightly weak-kneed.
  • Thank you for all the other little gestures that you show.

Everyday (well, at least on those days that we chat), your plus points are slowly, but surely increasing. I’m very glad to have met and known you. The pleasure is all mine, X.


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