My ‘date’ with L.

Yesterday was both one of the best and worst night of my life. So I met L, went for his preview talk, then we proceeded to dinner.

The Good.

  • Being with him (duhhhhhh).
  • Him taking time out to hang with me even though he has no lack of friends. Plus he said he was tired. So bonus points for making the effort.
  • ‘Played’ footsie with him haha. (we went to a Japanese restaurant and sat in one of those hole in the floor seats)
  • Realising that we can chat about anything. Anything.
  • Drinking with him. Men who can hold their liquor (without turning into a wife beater) turns me on.
  • Him bringing me to widen my horizons. He brought me to this karaoke bar/club where you can get male hostesses to sit with you. Yes, such places exist. It was a waste of money and time though. With him being there, I have eyes for
  • Being in close proximity with him. We had quite a lot of bodily contact. Unfortunately none in sexual ways hahahahahahaha. Oh gosh I’m such a perv.
  • His generosity. Refused to let me peek at/pay the bill from dinner to drinks. I’m sure it cost an arm and a leg. We had quality Japanese food, a 750ml bottle of soju, and he opened two bottles of gin. Eeps. I feel bad.
  • Him sending me home. Always responsible like that.

The Bad.

  • Ending the night at 3+am. It was supposed to be a chillax dinner only.
  • Missing my alarm this morning. I swear it didn’t ring.
  • Having only three hours of sleep.
  • Not having the time (nor strength) to even put my makeup on. Yes for the first time in my life, I went to work totally bare-faced.
  • Still feeling drunk. And I can still smell/taste the gin on me even though I brushed my teeth and showered. Twice.
  • The sucky feeling of feeling woozy and slow at work. Response time is delayed by about four seconds.
  • Him not allowing me to contribute to the bill (refer above).
  • Him still with the girlfriend. Enough said. Bah, humbug.
  • Having to drink again tonight. I made a date with my bff and I can’t and won’t back out. My poor liver.



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