Presenting L.

So I always mention this person, L. Today I will unveil him. *drumroll* TADAHHHHHHH!!!


I went back to school to volunteer today because they required the help of ex-students. I utilised one day of my annual leave but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.

This man above is the Man of My Dreams. You know what they say about beauty being in the eye of the beholder? Uh huh. Many people have questioned my taste but let me tell you, this man is very talented. He makes my knees go wobbly. He can brighten my entire day with a single text. Some people also ask if I’m blind.

He knows how much I’m into him. And he also knows which buttons to push. And I willingly let him do it because I’m a sucker as well as a spineless jellyfish. Yup I know, I’m a disgrace to all women.

Try as I may, he remains the closest to my version of the perfect man. This is why I asked for a hard thwack to my head to forget him. I am this useless.

Womenfolk, I don’t blame you if you want to banish me to an eternity of scrubbing floors as a form of punishment. I deserve it. I really do. I’m beyond salvation.



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