My kind of heaven.

I need to confess.

I love shopping for groceries! Ok perhaps my kind of “groceries” veers more towards junk-ish kind of food, but the kind of excitement I feel while strolling down the aisles- unbelieva-fucking-ble. Sorry for swearing, I just want you to be able to feel the impact of my excitement hahahaha…

Back to supermarket shopping. It makes me feel so virtuous moving through the aisles, even more so when I put “adult-like” items into my basket. Such as tea, yoghurt, healthy cereal and the likes. I know it might sound a little perplexing, like you could be thinking “WTF, these are everyday items, is she nuts or high on something?!”, but you must understand, I live with my family, so my food and necessities are well taken care of by my parents.

I mainly do shopping at and for work because sometimes, the food around my area turns me off. And I’m trying to lose weight. I say trying because I always tell people I’m on a diet but I do not actually do anything about it. Take running for example. The only running I do, is after buses. Can I add that I’m quite pro at it, am able to chase after a bus in my heels.

Ok back to topic. My ability to veer off course amazes me to no end. Am almost like a gold fish with very short-term memory. AHHHH ok come back come back. *summons self back to earth* I also get this unexplainable thrill exploring the shelves. Some of the items on sale are really amazing and are not available in the local chains.

One other thing. Sometimes I also look into the carts/baskets of other shoppers just to see what kind of items they pick. I think a person’s basket says a lot about him or her. And when I see a “healthy” basket, I tell myself that I will just be like that when I grow up. Except that I’m turning 28 this year so I think there’s not much growing left to do. Except sideways. But let’s not go there.

Next time you see someone lurking nearby and stealing peeks into your cart, do not be alarmed and call for Security. It could just be me and my curious teepee.

OH! X comes back tonight. Technically tomorrow! Will update soon hehehehe. *cartwheels into the sunset*



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