You can always make me smile.

I’m usually not a big fan of Mondays. Ok, make that together with the world and her mother. Bad enough I barely slept a wink last night. However, I got to start today right. *grins widely as though I slept with a clothes hanger in my mouth the entire night*

X managed to make me smile. He always does. Now I’m not sure if it’s because I’m easily amused or just plain spineless. Waitaminute. Actually, I have very high standards for humour. Damn… That just means I’m a spineless jellyfish!

If you can’t already tell, I think I’m falling into the dangerous territory of liking someone. Nononononononono! I don’t want to go back to those days of falling down and picking myself up and starting over again. My fragile heart cannot take so many beatings. And if you still can’t tell, I’m a cynic. After the last traumatic event, I told myself never to tear down the walls that I took so long and hard to built.

And this post is veering towards the opposite of its title hahaha. Ok I will not think about this for now. No use getting my panties in a knot when nothing is even concrete. Am doing the poker-face equivalent of sticking my fingers into my ears and going “lalalala I can’t hear you”.

Digression. Bottom-line is that, I’m happy that you make me so happy. And because I’m happy, the likelihood of me being a menace at work is close to zero.



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