La Cage Aux Folles- A true love story.


Went to watch La Cage Aux Folles with the girls today. This musical is an adaptation from the original, tailor-made to inject local flavour to make it uniquely Singapore.

I enjoyed it very very much and I’m not afraid to admit my eyes welled up so many times. It’s confirmed- I’m turning into a giant marshmallow.

It’s a love story between two men (Ivan Heng and Tony Eusoff) which has spanned more than 20 years and how they overcome obstacles together. Très touching.

Makes me wonder why some people are homophobic. Does it really matter whether it’s straight or gay love?! True love in any form is still love, and it is just simply heartwarming to be able to bear witness to a couple who possess such love and admiration for each other. Isn’t that what is most important- being happy???

May I find a man (sorry but I really adore my men than women- personal choice) who will love me, and whom I will love in return some day. Some day.

If all else fails, then I will share my love amongst my future 54 cats.


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