The thank you post.

Why? Why are you sooooooo nice? I am, honestly, a little touched.

  • Thank you for giving me encouragement and good luck wishes. That boosted my confidence a great deal.
  • Thank you for sounding so cheery all the damn time. You could be having a poker face or a bad day, but it definitely did not feel like it.
  • Thank you for believing and having the faith in me that I can conquer that obstacle. Even when others didn’t.
  • Thank you for whooping so wildly (at least it looked like that…) when you learned about the good news even though it had nothing to do with you. That made me feel like I achieved something really great. Even though it is really not.
  • Thank you for wanting to celebrate with me. Other than my dear friend S (who is my fellow rah-rah buddy), no one else made that offer. It might seem like nothing, but it really means a lot to me. Ok I sound like a loser haha.
  • Thank you for your little nuggets of irrelevant information. I do not really think it’s irrelevant. I’m trying to tell you these seemingly trivial information keeps me sane. And that made me feel happy, because I kind of am aware of your whereabouts. (Eeps. Why does this sound like I’m a stalker?!- I promise you I am not.)
  • Thank you for everything else which you did which I cannot remember offhand.

You, my friend, are an awesome person. Thank you for letting me know you. ๐Ÿ™‚


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