Like a broken record.

From another life time, I used to mention this person, whom I shall call, L. Gist of the story- I’m in love with this man but it is obviously one-sided. Plus he has a long-term girlfriend. Therefore he is way out of bounds for me. I never was, never am and never will be a third party/hussy/boyfriend or husband snatcher. No offense to people who believe that “all’s fair in love and war”, and “one should fight for their love” kind of beliefs. Personally, there are certain lines that I will not cross.

Eeps, ok I just made myself sound like I have my ass permanently mounted on a moral high horse.

ANYWAYS, he keeps looping in and out of my life. When I decided to let it go, he re-enters. Then disappears. Then comes back. And goes away again. You get my drift. Seriously mind-fucked. AND… If I could tell him how I feel, this would just be quite about right:


Perhaps someone should give me a hit on the head. Hard. Not too hard till I go meet the maker though, but hard enough to go into a coma for a couple of months and then I wake up with amnesia, totally blocking out memories of him and never to regain again.

Perfect plan. I’m such a genius sometimes I scare myself. :p If only it was as easy to execute though. Le sigh. Going on 28 and still facing trivial issues like this. Need to get a grip.

Where can I sign up for nun-hood?


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