The real, honest as pie me.

Well, well, what do you know; Sailor Sab is back. I’m sorry to say I could not hold back yesterday and let fly a few choice phrases of… Colourful language. I will only say it was work-related but no one was hurt in the process (my intended target obviously didn’t know).

I was a little upset that I broke my one week record, but what happened pushed me right over the edge. I admit that I need some self-control and management of my hot head and I will not make excuses for myself. Then, in the later part of the day, my friend tweeted this link to me from a local forum:


I thought it was hilarious because I have been telling the world and her mother on Twitterverse how I want to quit swearing and how I finally lost it. Anyway in the forum, they have a group of regular contributors, and one of them is a man. Who said he will NOT date someone with a clean mouth, and said a proper lady probably “wouldn’t f*** well anyway”. Personally, I agree hahaha…

Then, I have friends also telling me they miss Sailor Sab. And I came to this conclusion. I change because I want to, and not because of someone (not even my parents ok). Therefore, why should I suffer this much in a process if it’s all for the better? By trying so hard, I will just lose myself somewhere, somehow. Then that defeats the entire change process because I no longer am who I am.

So, while I have decided to swear and eventually drink less, I will not be ruled by saying “I can’t do this”, or “I won’t do that”. Instead, I will accept that this is what made me so endearing (I hope hahaha) in the first place, and rather than cutting it out completely, I will do it in moderation and when the situation calls for it. Yes, moderation.

No one is perfect and I never will be. So it’s either you take it, or you leave it. Oh gosh I feel so much better. Slightly liberated in fact hehehe. *throws hands in the air*



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