50 shades of intrigued.

So I promised to tell why I am intrigued by a certain someone. First of all, let’s call him ‘X’. This is so he remains unidentifiable (I hope). A little bit of background story- I met X some months back and we have been ‘meeting’ each other quite often. Not for dates, but for official “business” and then some. So la di da, as time passes, I find myself increasingly drawn to him.

Which is strange. Considering the kind of men I fancy. Not that to say X is ugly. (I can never bring myself to date Ugly) In fact, I think he is quite good-looking. Then again, I could be blinded or biased. Perhaps even both. :p

Sorry, back to X. Ok, I will list down all his singular qualities instead of writing an essay.

  • He is nice. As in genuinely nice. I don’t think I have met anyone who is this nice. Narp, not even my own friends haha.
  • Patient. Ok, maybe because I compare him to an impatient person like myself but I’ve not seen him come close to losing it. Yet.
  • Cultured. This is a real eye-opener. Not that I’m implying that my friends and me are neanderthals but this is also a first for me.
  • Interested. Of things in general. Past few men I’ve come across are way too self-centred to look past their own asses.
  • Charming. He has these little qualities which I doubt he notices but… Homaigawd. Utterly charming.
  • Humourous. He doesn’t possess L’s kind of sarcastic humour (which I also incidentally love) but he is funny. I chuckle to myself very often when I see his messages.
  • Gentlemanly. This quality in men is sorely lacking in most men. In fact, I think only men from the older generation possess this. Very sad. I don’t need you to open doors for me, but the least you could do is not to let it slam in my face.
  • Honesty. Let’s face it- many people lie. I do too sometimes when occasion calls for it, but he is refreshingly honest. And i admire that because I’m like an open book too, and I see no reason to lie unless occasion calls for it (refer above) lol.
  • Traditional values. I don’t mean traditional a la a MCP, or those who come from cheena backgrounds. There are values which I embrace and he happens to see things the same way. Just because I (used to) party a lot and wear very little clothes sometimes doesn’t mean I’m promiscuous.

Yeah, offhand, these are some of the reasons why I’m getting increasingly intrigued by him. He makes me curious. He is also very encouraging and I feel very comfortable with him. Unfortunately, I can’t get enough vibes from him. Like many other men, they have a very bad habit of blowing hot and cold. With X, it’s more hot and warm, but still. We’ll see how this pans out. Or doesn’t. I’m happy enough with the ‘companionship’ because most of my friends are disappearing.

I may end up sad and lonely with 54 cats.


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